Having an over optimised website will probably soon get you in to deep trouble with Google if you don’t act FAST! If you know or think your website maybe over optimised there are many things that you can change before you start seeing your rankings drop! There has been a lot of discussion on social media sites and twitter about stories of websites being hit this week so maybe Google rolling this out now!

One of Google’s top representatives did mention at a conference, South by Southwest, in Austin, Texas, last month that Google would be looking at how to penalise over-optimised websites.

So what are the things that Search Engine will penalise for? Who Knows but there are some things which are obvious candidates for disaster.

Here is a list of SEO tips which will help avoid any penalty.

1. Make sure your site has uniquely written content

2. Avoid having duplicate meta data, such as titles, descriptions etc

3. Don’t Stuff keywords into your titles

4. Don’t Stuff keywords into your body text

5. Avoid having lots of similar pages, just optimised for different search terms – (just have 1 page optimised for those terms)

6. Don’t link to Link farms, if you have in the past do your best to get rid of those links!

7. Don’t Buy links, if you have paid links get rid of them or ask them to be No-follow

8. Don’t spin articles! Always write unique content

9. Avoid using the same anchor text. Use a varied selection of anchor text in your articles, press releases etc

10. Avoid building too many links, the search engines know how old your pages are and how many backlinks pages usually receive according to it’s age, if your links seem excessive to the pages age this could get you in trouble. If you are link building make sure you link from relevant, unique content and try mimicking a natural sharing pattern.

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