Setup Email AccountsSet Up an Outlook Express E-Mail Account

Follow these instructions to setup Outlook Express to work with your Hurley Internet email account.




  1. Open Outlook Express and select the Tools menu. Then click on ‘Accounts’
    Add Email Account
  2. The ‘Account Type’ window then appears. Press the ‘Add’ button and then select ‘Email Account’
    Select Account Type
  3. Next, enter your name as you would like it to appear when people receive emails from you. Then click ‘Next’.
    Select Account Name
  4. Next, enter the email address that you want to use and that you have previously setup with Hurley Internet. Then click ‘Next’.
    Enter Email Address
  5. You now need to enter your incoming and outgoing mail servers. For the incoming mail server you will need to enter mail.’’ – substite your own domain name for For the outgoing mail server you will need to enter mail.’’ same as before. Then click Next.
  6. To finish configuring your email account you will need to enter your username ( your username is your full email address ) and the password for your mail account. Your username and password can be found in your web hosting control panel. Once you have entered your username and password please click Next and then Finish.
    Enter Account Name and Password
  7. In order to send mail through our mail server you will now need to make an adjustment to the properties of the email account. Select ‘Properties’ from the ‘Accounts’ window.
    You will now need to make sure the tick-box which says ‘My server requires authentication’ or ‘This server requires me to log on’ is ticked, then click ‘OK’ and ‘Close’.
    Adjust Properties
  8. You will now be able to send and receive emails.

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