The number of small and medium sized businesses and IT professionals now using cloud solutions has doubled in 2011 compared to 2010. It is evident that many more people are acknowledging the benefits of cloud computing, realizing the effects it can have on their businesses and taking advantages of the benefits it brings.

According to the infographics shared by Cloud IT, there are many benefits that cloud computing offers which are now tempting IT pros to adopt to using it. Some of the main benefits which Cloud Computing offers are: Improved security, lowers cost of IT infrastructure, improved response speed, improved productivity, online storage, securely hosting data, to name but a few.

The infographics below should help you have a better understanding of cloud computing.

So What Are The Real Benefits of Cloud Computing

The infographic below visually shows the main benefits of cloud computing. The infographic shows all the benefits of cloud computing and also explains why some businesses are slow in making the move to cloud computing.

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