Change Web Hosts in 5 Easy Steps

Posted August 23rd, 2013. Filed under Latest News Web Hosting Articles

change web hosting providersEveryone is taking control of doing their own websites these days and there is no end of great resources to help you understand how websites work. One aspect which isn’t explained very well on the internet is how to change your web host. You could ask your new web host with some help in moving your website over but you may have to pay a small fee for file migration, however you can do this process yourself with some planning and some time to get things right. Whether you might want to change web host due to cost, bad service, require better support or simply needing a change, here’s how to do it in 5 easy steps:

Step One: Research your web hosts.

Before you select the first provider you like the look of, it would be best if you researched other providers carefully to see that they will meet your demands and maintain your current needs. It is best not to rush this process, don’t forget to check out reviews of providers to find out what other people think.

Step Two: Do a Full Back Up.

Before you change anything you should make sure you have all of your website content saved and pictures backed up. Copy all of your technical data such as important coding and scripts to your computer in a file you can find easily. Write down important information that links you to your domain so you have proof of ownership. If you can’t prove you have ownership of your domain name when moving to your new host you will have trouble transferring.

Step Three: Set up your new website.

Get yourself set up and registered with your new host provider, copy over the files and scripts you need to test that the site is live, you can be given a temporary domain to use until you make this one your primary website. Check all of the links work and that all of the script paths are working properly, also check your emails are sending and receiving without a hitch.

Step Four: Update your DNS records.

This part is pretty important, you’ll need to update the name servers of your new website with your domain name register. You should allow somewhere between 48 hours to 1 week before all of the changes are made and the website has transferred over to your new domain name. Leave a notice for your visitors to say that your website is currently in transition as they may see the old and new website. You won’t need to worry about your website rankings, the transfer of host won’t affect your all-important rankings as search engines will ignore the period between changing web hosts.

Step Five: Cancel your existing web hosting.

Once you’ve got your new domain name set and your website is running smoothly you can confidently cancel your current web host. It could be difficult to avoid paying the cost of two hosting accounts in one month but the price is worth paying for a smooth changeover. Taking your time to select a new web host will save you the stress of losing data and doing the job in a hurry.

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