responsive web designResponsive Web Design is quickly becoming an important feature for developers and owners of websites.

As sales of smartphones and tablets have increased at a rapid rate owners have had to ensure that their websites are now adapted so that they can be viewed effectively on these devices. It is also a known fact that users are now choosing to purchase from websites that use this technology.

There are many factors that make Responsive Web Design the better choice for website owners, these factors can be what the website intends to be used for, the people that the website is aimed at as well as whether SEO is required.

The market is completely dominated by Google and they have a very powerful voice in this area. Google states that its main choice of mobile configuration is to incorporate Responsive Web Design. They even claim that it is the best platform to use within this industry. They claim this because the websites that use this technology only have one URL and only one HTML no matter what device is being used at the time. Google claims that this enables it to work more efficiently.

We live in an era where sharing information and data is part of everyday life and one positive side of using Responsive Web Design is that it allows user to share this data a lot more easily. It gives websites the ability to cross over many platforms, enabling sites shared from a smartphone to be viewed on a desktop.  This really is one of the more tempting aspects. It is all about making websites more reliable and the user experience has to be good.  This kind of design allows websites to anticipate the device it is being viewed on and then adapting to that website. A seamless and smooth transition is achieved and the user is none the wiser.

The whole point of Responsive Web Design is that it is a lot easier to manage.  If a company had separate websites for their desktop and mobile versions then they have to spend more money and time managing both. By merging them all together, it saves time and money. There is no need for separate SEO Strategies and there is no real need to have several versions of a website to satisfy many different platforms.

Responsive Web Design in a nutshell is crucial. It gives the website owner the ability to always be at the top of search results as a lot of searches are now done based on where the user is situated in terms of their location.  Link building is time consuming for different formats but as all platforms are catered for link building does not have to be repeated, it also avoids repetition in terms of content. All in all, Responsive Web Design, is the future and as it offers an exciting and efficient experience for users it is difficult for owners to ignore.

Another aspect to think about with any website is choosing the correct location for your web hosting server, this is crucial as Google uses the location of your IP address in their search algorithm.

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